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30 Essential Survival Tools Every Prepper Needs on Hand

There are lots of underlying factors that go into transforming people into survivalists or preppers. Perhaps a family member or a friend just went through a personal disaster such as bankruptcy or burglary and it got you seriously thinking. It could be that it was benched for a while and you’ve just decided to finally get started on it as part of your new year’s resolution. Or perhaps you just don’t trust the new presidential regime and what it has in store for you and your loved ones for the future.


Regardless of the reason, it was a great choice to make. Becoming a prepper will not only enable you to survive or a possible disaster or a catastrophe, but it will also keep your mind, body, and soul at ease. The only question now is to ask yourself; where to begin? Survival tools are aplenty these days and all of them can help you in your potential time of crisis. But this doesn’t mean you start dashing through your nearby mall or supermarket and buy stuff that you don’t really need.


This post covers over 30 items that new or rookie preppers should get that meet their needs as well as those of their family for over two weeks.


1.   Bottled Water

Buy as much bottled water that it can last you for over two weeks. It is recommended that each person consume about two gallons a day instead of one - better to be safe than sorry. You may also need extra water for washing hands, cleaning dishes, etc. We suggest buying 5-gallon water containers or even single-gallon containers. Ensure that these containers are sturdy so that they can be reused.


2. Water Filtration Methods

Running out of water is a bad sign as outdoor sources are unfiltered in which they could have a variety of bacteria flowing in them. That’s why you need to filter or purify that kind of water before you can collect it for yourself and your family. In this case, we recommend a quality water filter, purification tablets, diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide or MMS Solution (50% Citric Acid + 28% Sodium Chlorite - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Sodium Chloride).

To exercise further caution, it would be better to boil your water for about a minute, which helps ensure you get rid of bacteria and other contaminants. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND CONSUMING BLEACH - DILUTED OR UNDILUTED...


3. Two Weeks Of Food

 At the moment, you can just stock up on the foods you and your family usually eat, except for items that need to be refrigerated. Whenever you go grocery shopping simply pick up a few more items to add to your stockpile. Focus on non-perishable consumables including boxed meals, canned food, and several pantry items like rice, beans, crackers, peanut butter, pasta, apple sauce, and more.


4. Starting Fires

Starting a fire using matches, Bic lighters and Magnesium fire starter rods are all great. Magnesium fire starter rods are quite durable, with some even withstanding water and can be used many times over. To us, that’s even better than matches.


5. Camping-Style Cookware

Be sure to get the kind of cookware that you can use to cook over an open fire. Cookware like dutch ovens, cast iron pots, and skillets are great but weight is an issue here so you want to opt for cookware that's made with stainless steel or aluminum like the Anytime Camping Cookware Set. NOTE: The standard kitchen cookware that you have isn’t appropriate to use on an open fire and could ruin it.


6. Can Opener

What else are we supposed to do with all of the canned food provisions lying around in the midst of a crisis? Although there are other ways to open these cans, none provide more effective results than can openers. And because they’re quite small, they can often be misplaced. Hence, you should keep more than one can opener with you, if possible attach one to your keychain for safe keeping.


7. Multitool

Multitools can be quite handy during an emergency. Getting a good multitool can even replace many of the tools you'd find in your tool chest. Cutting down the weight of our bug out bag is crucial so multi tools can be a real life saver. They can get very expensive. Fortunately, you can get the Hermann Krüger 13-in-1 Multi tool for less $50.



8. A Camp Stove 

A Coleman stoves can be nice for camping, but they're not the most portable for backpacking or emergency situations. They're also not the most affordable option especially if you want to fit it all inside your bug out bag.

You could also go with a portable propane stove but they're quite small so if you're cooking for more than 1 or 2 it's probably not the best option. Also, you only get over 2 to 3 hours of use with a single propane cylinder, so be sure to get plenty of them if you get a propane stove.

Instead, we recommend something more affordable like the InstaStove portable stove. This is an eco-friendly woodburning stove that keeps all the fire contained so you don't burn the ground, making it perfect for picky campsites.


9. Ax

Camp stoves are pointless without firewood. Not only do you need it to cook, but you also need it to build campfires, stay warm and heat water for cleaning and bathing. To bag some awesome firewood, we recommend getting a heavy-duty ax, you can pick one up for less than $60.


10. A Good Knife

A knife can come in handy for a number of occasions, such as hunting, self-defense, clearing a path, opening cans, starting fires and more. Don’t settle for a cheap one that will break only after a few uses. We would suggest going for one that comes with a full tang steel blade.


11. Extra Cash

In case of a power outage, ATMs will be on the fritz and the banks will close up. However, there may be some folks and stores that will be accepting cash. Therefore, keep a few hundred dollars lying around allowing you to buy items that you might have forgotten about.


12. Space Heater

If you don’t have access to firewood or a fireplace, then you should consider getting a space heater.


13. Bug Out Bag

Every prepper has to have one of these. A proper bug out bag needs to have at least three days’ worth of supplies while making the transition from a normal life to an emergency situation. Ensure that you have a bag for each and every member of your member.


14. Gasoline

Gas pumps will be on strike during disasters. But if you want to drive a vehicle around or run your generator, you have to have some gas. Find and get some gas cans that can store five gallons of fuel at least, and don’t forget to put some fuel stabilizer like Stabil in them.


15. Survival Books

You may not remember everything you read about survival so it’s best to keep every reference that tells you how to survive in a post-disaster world with you. If you haven't already, join our Membership Program to get access to all our survival books and resources.


16. Tent

During an apocalypse or a disaster, you have to have a roof over your head, one that comes in a convenient-sized tent. This is crucial in case hotels are completely vacated, leaving you nowhere to sleep. With that in mind, it’s also essential to bring sleeping bags along.


17. Flashlights

Candles aren’t that efficient in helping you find someone or something you’ve lost in the dark hours of the night as flashlights are. That’s why you need to get yourself a proper functioning and long-lasting flashlight like an LED flashlight.


18. Emergency Candles

Emergency candles take credence over decorative candles in that they have a longer duration and are brighter as well. You’ll obviously need a couple of them - one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and one for the main room among others.


19. Batteries

Verify the kind of batteries that each flashlight needs, as well as how many are required, and then write them down. Also, be sure to factor other devices that use batteries and the what kind of batteries they need. They won’t last long, which is why you need a solar charger to ensure they don’t run out for a very long time.


20. Solar Charger

A solar charger is necessary to charge just about any standard battery size (except 9V). They’re also suitable for charging smartphones and any other device that runs on batteries.


21. Security Measures

When the grid’s down, criminals and robbers are at play looting and plundering to their heart’s content. It is up to you on how you far you want to fortify your house’s security, but the least that you can do is get battery-powered alarm systems for your windows and doors.


A burglar might not be prevented from infiltrating your home in spite of this, but many switch to other houses once they hear the sound of an alarm. Motion-sensor lights are also a great option.


22. Crank Or Battery Operated Radio

You’ll need a radio just so you know what’s being broadcasted on emergency channels. We suggest getting this nifty hand crank, which is also a flashlight and a smartphone charger.


23. Toiletries

This includes items like soap, toothpaste and of course, toilet paper. Don’t want to be running out of these when all the stores close up now do we?


24. Weapons to Defend Yourself With

Whether it’s a knife, a taster, an arrow with a bow, or a gun, you need to arm thyself in order to hunt or defend yourself from a game and vicious predators respectively. We recommend getting a good gun, while also ensuring you pack some extra ammo with you.


25. Trash Bags

Garbage won’t collect itself now, will it? You’ll be needing trash bags, especially since garbage trucks won’t be seen around during times of survival. They also come in handy as toilet liners, in case you wish to save up on water.


26. Hand Sanitizer

When water is in short supply, sanitation is still important.  Using a hand sanitizer will definitely come in handy. Or if you want to avoid the harsh chemical ingredients, you can also use any brand of 100% proof vodka. These can be used in between hand washings to keep your hands and surfaces clean.


27. First-Aid Kits

Medical supplies are one of the most crucial aspects of surviving the unpredictable. But to do that, you’ll more than just a standard medical kit with a couple of bandages. This is so you can prep yourself for emergency situations also.


28. Two-Way Radios

During a disaster, it may be possible that cell towers and will be downed or jammed, so you may require the need for two-way radios to stay in touch with your family when you’re out on a supply run.


29. Hammer And Also Nails

 If your household, tent or miniature shack takes a big hit from heavy storms, you’ll need to be able to patch it up with some hammer and a good supply of nails. These items especially come in handy when you want to board the windows of your house or shelter.


30. A Roll of Plastic

Plastic sheeting can prevent leaks, cover windows that are broken, help you put up a sick room among other things.

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